29 November 2019

Booming Philippines on MW

DWUN-AM UNTV Radyo La Verdad was audible today with pretty strong and stable signal during quite long period of time. And co-channel ERTU Al-Barnameg al-Aam from Egypt didn't even make any troubles for reception, because signal level of the Philippine station was much higher at that moment.

Radyo La Verdad broadcasts on 1350 kHz using 50 kW transmitter in capital's suburb Malabon, and it is the most often audible Philippine MW station in Europe. DWUN-AM is a 24/7 radio owned by the Progressive Broadcasting Corporation and operated by Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International (UNTV-BMPI).

 DWUN-AM UNTV Radyo La Verdad - 29 November 2019 - 1350 kHz (ERTU on background):

RX:  Degen DE-1103
ANT: Built-in telescopic whip

Station's website: https://www.radyolaverdad.com/

27 November 2019

eQSL from Radio Jan van Gent

It's always great to hear European free radio stations after many years of absence on air. I received Radio Jan van Gent 9 years ago on the frequencies of 43 meter band before, and now it is active again on short waves. Thanks to the station's operator for the nice eQSL!

26 November 2019

Radio Thailand on 891 kHz

New 400 kW transmitter and 170 meters tall directional antenna of Radio Thailand (สถานีวิทยุกระจายเสียงแห่งประเทศไทย) near Bangkok seem to work well: signal of this station reaches Ukrainian capital and even covers IRIB Radio Dena sometimes.

Nice Thai oldies can be heard on 891 kHz till ~17.03 UTC, when Radio Thailand closes its broadcasting with final identification and National Anthem.

Other potential Asian/Pacific sources of interference during reception are mainly co-channel Ningxia Xinwen Zonghe Pindao (China), 5AN ABC Adelaide (Australia), JOHK NHK Radio 1 (Japan), HLKB KBS 1 Radio (Republic of Korea) and very difficult here AIR North (Rampur).

Here is final announcement and the National Anthem of Thailand (piano version) recorded on 25th of November 2019 on 891 kHz:

RX:  Degen DE-1103
ANT: Built-in ferrite rod

Station's website: https://nbt.prd.go.th/

08 November 2019

Petro Poroshenko visited Ukrainian semi-pirate station Tryzub FM

The 5th president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has visited studio of Ukrainian semi-pirate station Tryzub FM which is broadcasting for population of some temporarily occupied by russian troops and uncontrolled territories of Ukraine.

Poroshenko took part in one of the programs of the station and gifted new powerful FM transmitter to install it in some secret location near contact line.

What does "semi-pirate" status mean? Since June 2016 Tryzub FM (Trident FM) was a pirate station established by a group of dentists-volunteers from Zaporizhia. In December 2017 the station obtained temporary permission for broadcasts, and now it is being transmitted via registered and unregistered transmitters/frequencies in various places of Donetsk Oblast. The main 1 kW facility active on 98.0 MHz is located in Karlivka, however there are also several low power FM TX's in the region. Some of them are being jammed regularly by russian occupants and their pro-russian collaborators.

Station's websites: http://trizub-fm.online/, http://www.trizub.zzz.com.ua/

05 November 2019

Spaceshuttle tests today on 31 mb

Short tests this evening 5th of November 2019 on 9290 kHz (perhaps somew tries on 9270 as well- very unsure).  First real test around 14 hours UTC.  And few others perhaps during evening hours. Each test 5 to 15 minutes long.

Detailed reporsts are welcome  to  spaceshuttleradio/at/yahoo.com e-mail while tests are in effect. QSL-replies will be send  around 21 UTC today.

Best greetings from Radio Spaceshuttle 


Source: station's mailing list

03 November 2019

Europe 1, the end of the longwave transmitter?

/ENG/ Help us to avoid that Europe 1, the longwave radiostation broadcasting on 183 kHz left the waves forever. Please contact the station at https://www.europe1.fr/contacts, click on "signaler un problème technique" and leave them your comment asking for the broadcasting service to be reactivated as soon as possible.

Thank you!

/ESP/ Si no quieres que Europe 1 se quede en silencio para siempre, abandonando la onda larga (183 kHz), ingresa en su página web https://www.europe1.fr/contacts, señala la pestaña de "signaler un problème technique" y en el idioma que quieras deja un mensaje diciendo que te has quedado sin la señal. Y si sabes francés suficiente, llámales por teléfono y expresa tu disconformidad.

Source: Atlantic 2000 mailing list

30 October 2019

Es catches 30.08.2019

That was the most fruitful Es-day of the year 2019 for me. And again simultaneous hops from at least two directions: 1) Central Italy, Sardinia and Corsica; 2) Northern Italy, Central, Eastern and Northern France, Switzerland, Austria, South-Western Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and England.

22 October 2019

SAQ transmission on UN-Day, October 24th

Join us in celebrating UN Day on October 24 at the World Heritage Grimeton!

This year, hundred years have passed since equal voting rights for men and women were introduced in Sweden. It is a human right that everyone can make their voices heard in fundamental issues and is prerequisite for creating a democratic and peaceful society. On this occasion, we want to raise the power of women in peace issues. Therefore the organization Acting 4 Change, that works with the project womens empowerment in Casamance in Senegal, is invited to talk about women’s participation in the peace process from a Senegalese perspective.

During the evening, a peace message is sent with the old long-wave transmitter SAQ and finally we listen to Senegalese rhythms performed by Kilimandiarou.

The event is held in the radio station building with free admission. Arrive at the event on time, as there is a limited number of seats.

Tonight’s program 6 pm – 8 pm

Welcome – CEO Grimeton World Heritage, Camilla Lugnet
Women’s Participation in the Peace Process – Women’s Empowerment in Casamance – President Acting 4 Change, Linda Ohlsson*
The long wave transmitter is started – President Alexander GVV, Jan Steinbach
Peace message sent ** (17.00 UTC)               
Concert with Kilimandiarou Welcome to an evening of signs of community and peace!

* More info about Acting for Change can be found here www.acting4change.org
The arrangement is made possible with the help of project funds from Varberg Municipality.

More information about the transmission
The transmission is on 17,2 kHz CW.
Startup of the transmitter around 16.30 UTC
Transmission of a message at 17.00 UTC 
You can also watch a live video stream of the transmission on www.alexander.n.se.
No QSL-cards will be given this time and no List of Reports will be constructed but we accept shorter Listeners Report to e-mail info/at/alexander.n.se.

*The world heritage site Grimeton is a living cultural heritage. All transmissions with the long-wave transmitter SAQ are therefore preliminary and may be cancelled with short notice.

Source: station's mailing list

21 October 2019

Evening MW bandscan 17.10.2019 - 18.10.2019

Asian MW propagation starts from China these days. Then some stations from Korea and India are appearing on the band:


15:20 1017 kHz
China Radio International Changchun 200 kW 6720 km 056 °
15:27 1044 kHz China Radio International Changzhou 600 kW 7350 km 069 °
15:58 1359 kHz CNR 1 ? 10 kW ???? km ??? °
16:19 738 kHz UNID ? ? kW ???? km ??? °
16:38 1143 kHz
Radio Free Korea Deogyang-gu 100 kW 7310 km 060 °


16:33 846 kHz AIR West Ahmedabad (tent.) Ahmedabad A 200 kW 4750 km 114 °
16:37 990 kHz AIR North Jammu Jammu A 300 kW 4100 km 101 °
16:50 1224 kHz ??? UNID ? ? kW ???? km ??? °

UNID - 1224 kHz - 18.10.2019 - 16.50 (possibly Taiwan or Guangxi JGD Caifu Guangbo?):

RX:  Degen DE-1103
ANT: Built-in ferrite rod

Reception of Radio Krym Realii on 648 kHz

Early evening reception of signal of the new Ukrainian MW transmitter on 648 kHz is quite good in Kyiv. Some co-channel interference from Radio Murski Val (Slovenia) is not strong enough at this hours.

But later, QSB of the signal from Chonhar TX site gets more deep and frequent, and QRM from Slovenian station gets stronger making reception uncertain sometimes.

Radio Krym Realii – 648 kHz – 17 October 2019 – 16.10 UTC:

RX: Degen DE 1103
ANT: Built-in ferrite rod

Station's website: https://ua.krymr.com/