01 April 2020

eQSL from Radio Sunflower

Nice eQSL from Radio Sunflower. Thanks to operator of the station!

31 March 2020

eQSL from Radio 60

Thanks to €rdenman and Gunter for the great detailed eQSL confirming reception of Radio 60 via official TX site in Armenia!

17 March 2020

eQSL from IRRS for reception of the global broadcast on coronavirus pandemic

Just got this eQSL for reception of the War Room Pandemic broadcast via the Italian Radio Relay Service using Sofia-Kostinbrod TX site. Thanks Ron!

07 February 2020

New FM station in Kyiv on CCIR band

Priamyi FM was observed on the frequency of 88.4 MHz. The station mostly broadcasts sound of the Pramyi TV channel, Ukrainian music and news. No RDS information is observed at the moment. This is probably a test transmission using 1 kW facilities on KFKRRT tower

Update: seems to be a test transmission (the signal is absent at the moment: 20.55 UTC, 17th of March 2020).

28 January 2020

New transmission of KCR

Dear friends, 2020 will be our fifth year of broadcasting, for this occasion we have created a new program, the "Winter Marathon" with lots of beautiful music and interesting sections.

We will start with a memory, the ABC Radio FM 105 Hit Parade recorded in April 1978.

A nice selection of Sokous music from the equatorial region of Africa will follow, a genre that gives a lot of joy. Made by people who have nothing but are happy anyway.

The third and fourth hour will keep us company Massi with its "Mistik Show" now fixed program in our schedule. The unsurpassed "Artem's World Music" will follow with lots of beautiful Cuban music and news from the world of broadcasting on that splendid island.

Finally, we thought of "Old Italian Style", a roundup of immortal successes that have made Italy great in the world.

So many reasons to listen to us once again, we are waiting for you on the wave of KCR, the Italian multi-ethnic radio in short waves.


Source: station's mailing list

01 January 2020

Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Щасливого Нового року!

25 December 2019

Two new eQSLs from Radio Jan van Gent

Two new eQSLs have been received from the Dutch free radio station Radio Jan van Gent for reception during tests on 7540 kHz in AM and LSB modes. Many thanks to the station's operator for them.

23 December 2019

Christmas Carols to be Broadcast on HF from Antarctica

A program of Christmas carols will be broadcast from Antarctica on Christmas Eve. The transmissions on 7995 kHz USB will begin on December 23 at 2300 UTC, coordinated by McMurdo Communications Operations (MacOps) — known as “The Voice of Antarctica.”

Each year, the station’s residents celebrate the holiday by singing Christmas Carols to those at remote Antarctic field camps. Participation will be from stations scattered throughout the Antarctic continent.

“The radios and antenna systems are optimized for on-continent communication, so we will be lucky to hear them in other parts of the world, but it has happened in the past,” said Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAF, who is handling QSL requests and who has participated as part of the chorus in past years while studying in Antarctica. Frissell shared some links of previous concerts, one recorded at McMurdo Station and one from the University of Twente WebSDR in the Netherlands.

Christmas Eve transmission from SAQ Grimeton, December 24, 2019

In the morning of Christmas Eve, December 24, we will try to start the old Alexanderson 200 kW transmitter, from 1924 and send out a Christmas message on VLF 17.2 kHz CW. The transmitter will be tuned up from around 08:30 (07:30 UTC) and a message* will be transmitted at 09:00 (08:00 UTC).

Guests are welcome to attend the transmission at the radio station in Grimeton from 08:00 local time. The Alexander association will arrange Coffee and Christmas cookies, free of charge. No entrance fee.

For those of you who can not attend, we will broadcast the event live from Grimeton, Sweden on our YouTube Channel.

We are introducing a new online SAQ reception report form to be used by listeners to report reception of any SAQ transmissions. We are kindly asking listeners not to send SAQ reception reports via E-mail.
QSL-reports to SAQ are kindly received via:
Reception report form at alexander.n.se/receptionreport
- or via: SM bureau
- or direct by postal mail to:
The Alexander Association
Radiostationen Grimeton 72
The SK6SAQ amateur radio station will be QRV on the following frequencies:
– 7.035 kHz CW or
– 14.035 kHz CW or
– 3.755 kHz SSB
Two stations will be on the air most of the time.
World Heritage Grimeton Radio station and The Alexander Association
For further details, se grimeton.org or alexander.n.se

*The world heritage site Grimeton is a living cultural heritage. All transmissions with the long-wave transmitter SAQ are therefore preliminary and may be set at short notice.

Source: station's mailing list

Skyline Radio Germany - Christmas Party 2019



We have a special CHRISTMAS present for you:
After 5 years of absence there will be a special SRG-CHRISTMAS PARTY again!

We will rock the airwaves again via the facilities of our buddies of Shortwaveradio.de who kindly gave us another possibility to be on air with our CHRISTMAS show via their transmitters in Northern Germany.

If you would like to try to catch our programmes, 6 hours on December 25th, 2019, Christmas Day, 12.00 - 18.00 UTC on 3975 kHz and another 6 hours on December 26th, 2019, Boxing Day, 09.00 - 15.00 UTC on 6160 kHz would be a good time to give us a listen again.

It'll be a "GOOD, GOOD ROCKIN' CHRISTMAS"! Drop us a line!

It might be a good chance for you to grab our one and only CHRISTMAS 2019 eQSL-card! This one is available as eQSL-card only!

We look forward to your reception reports and comments to: SKYLINE RADIO GERMANY, P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, The Netherlands or via e-mail to: skylineradiogermany/at/web.de

Have a great time with us and Good DX,
DJ Jan-Hendrik
Source: station's mailing list